WPA Mural: Christofferson & Robb

My client, Richard Robb, has invested in windfarms long before the current politically correct 'pogressive' platforms.  He was growing corn in his terrice garden outside his office window and he had toy tractors and trucks on his office window sill.  His energy was that of an excited college student with many dreams..  I was lucky because one of his dreams was creating a WPA style mural for the lobby of his  NYC investment firm office .  I also understood and love that period when science and industry were new, exciting, and promising a Utopia for all of us.. The fact that not all has turned out as one wished and now we are in the middle of discovering and correcting the problems. That said, much of it was miraculous and we are now living in homes and offices with that were featured in the 'Future' 1939 Worlds Fair Exhibits.  This mural was collaboratively designed by both of us..it's it truely one of my most exciting abd beloved projects...and works of art..

Richard Robb is truely one of my most exciting abd beloved clients !!  

He also created the poster for Columbia University yearly seminars of Capitalism and Society, which feature the WPA mural .


Richard Robb teaches courses in microeconomics, economic foundations of capital markets and international finance. In addition, he is CEO of Christofferson, Robb and Company, a New York- and London-based investment management firm that invests in credit and renewable energy markets in Europe and emerging markets. Prior to arriving at SIPA in 2001, he was the global head of the derivatives and securities subsidiaries of the Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Ltd.

Robb holds a BA from Duke University (1981) and a PhD in economics from the University of Chicago (1985). His publications include "Testing the Mixture of Exponential Hypothesis and Estimating the Mixing Distribution by the Method of Moments," with James. Heckman and J. R. Walker in Journal of the American Statistical Association (1990) and "Alternative Methods for Evaluating the Impact of Interventions: An Overview" with James. Heckman in Journal of Econometrics (1985).