'Ventriloquist With Big Dumb Object' Performance, MoMA PS1


Dafna Maimon's 'Ventriloquist With Big Dumb Object'


Performance 25' minutes 2012

In the performance vignettes from two story lines focusing on “the act of performing and performance anxiety” run next to and through each other forming a looping absurdist play of 25 minutes. Two actors female and male are stuck in a play that keeps repeating while a singer songwriter is trapped in the moment of stage fear. The play is structured and composed of the repetitive dialogue, choreography, and music functioning more like a score rather than a narrative. 

Performers: Collin Self, Jason Fleitz, Sylvie Spencer, Sasha Winn, Vicki Khuzami
Directed and Written by Dafna Maimon
Performed at: Moma PS1 on April 1st 2012 Sunday Sessions Modules, Curated by Liz Magic Laser