UPCOMING SHOW : I AM The Octopus 10/17/19

Opening:  October17th, at Carter Burden Galllery, 548 West 28th Street 5th fl

'On The Wall"    Progress shots for painting installation 


 For this show at Carter Burden Gallery, ‘I Am The Octopus’, I have decided to explore the theme of obsessive collecting. Collecting has greatly enhanced my life but at the same time been a detriment to my life, though mostly through the eyes of ‘others’.   One of the biggest thrills in my last series, Telenovelas Suburbia was the act of collecting all the dollhouses and miniature people, furniture, and everyday objects. At one point in my life, as my NYC apartments got smaller, I said, “ Ok..nothing over five dollars and 5 inches.” THAT was a BIG compromise to me.   For my piece in ‘On The Wall’ I have decided to include another obsession. My obsession of the octopus.   It wasn’t until I started designing the piece that I realized the reason why I was drawn to the octopus. It was because, I am the octopus. With its eight arms and huge eyes, the octopus glides through the waters touching and feeling everything it comes upon while It searches and hunts. It then collects some prized objects and brings them back to its den. The octopus is highly curious and endlessly wonders about the properties of the objects it comes across, how it can be used and enhances its life.   My octopus in my paintings for ‘On The Wall’ has come across a dollhouse on the bottom of the ocean and is in the process of examining it, and collecting its contents to bring back to it’s home.   Therefore, the Octopus and I are one.