In my recent series, Telenovelas Suburbia, I create scenes within imaginary suburban homes by the use of vintage dollhouses from the 1950’s and 1960’s. As lifelong collector of pop culture commodities, my work is inspired by vintage kitsch, which includes anime dolls, action figures, dollhouses, bodybuilding and vintage nudist magazines. I arrange pulp fiction inspired scenes within the tin walls of vintage dollhouses. Inspired by film noir, and the works of David Lynch, Wes Anderson and Todd Solondz, I enjoy staging, lighting, and photographing my cast of characters within the dollhouse sets. Next I distort the colors by computer and manipulate them one final time on canvas. What excites me is exploring socio-psychological taboos, societal foibles, and machinations from a voyeuristic perspective by use of the dollhouses. In the end, I’m a painter and storyteller. I create painted stills from movies never made but influenced from my suburban upbringing, my life in New York and Japan, eccentric lovers, and past marriage to lovely natural bodybuilder.