While staying in Tuscany 30 minutes south of Florence , I set up a studio to paint the Tuscan landscape.

I was surprisingly inispired. Meanwhile I had been collecting Pinocchio dolls.  In my dispair, I was drinking some Italian beer at by the window. I noticed how beautiful the Pinocchios looked flooded by the Tuscan sun streaming through the window. Pinocchio's nose was beaming in the sunlight. 

I went to prop him up to paint , and being a puppet , he needed support. I use the empty beer can to support him.. Then like magic, the first painting of 'Gluttony' was born.

Tuscany is filled with Midevil villages on the hilltops . When you read the history on the tourist plagues as you look out to the beautiful Tuscan vista, the history is filled with violent bloodshed and religious battles directed by the church, feudal wars, torture and rape... and then you turn around see  rows of cute Pinocchio dolls for sale next to Italian ceramic desert plates. Then your friend tells you there's this 4 star restaurant you can have brunch at that's in the first floor of the church.

Thus started the series 'Pinocchio and The Seven Deadly Sins' . I have finished 3 out of 7 .