'Ascribing human characteristics to nonhuman things.'

I am a life long collector of inanimate objects often with a ‘face’.

Anthropomorphism is generally frowned upon, now, in scientific circles.

 Though to the Greeks it was an essential part of their mythological



Pinocchio and the Seven Deadly Sins: While staying in Tuscany 30 minutes south of Florence , I set up a studio to paint the Tuscan landscape. I was surprisingly uninspired and the sun was dreadfully hot.

Meanwhile I had been collecting Pinocchio dolls.  In my despair wondering if I were truly an artist since I was not interested in painting the Tuscan landscape,  I drank some Italian beer by the window and soul searched. I noticed how beautiful the Pinocchios looked on the kitchen table, flooded by the Tuscan sunlight streaming through the window. This one Pinocchio's nose was beaming in the sunlight. That's what I need to paint. I went to prop him up and being a puppet , he needed support. I used the empty beer can to support him.. but he kept flopping over. Poor thing , he drank too much.. Then, in combination of the heavy catholic guilt that hung over the Tuscan landscape, the first painting of 'Pinocchio and the Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony , was born.

Tuscany is filled with Midevil villages on the hilltops . When you read the history on the tourist plaques placed below the beautiful Tuscan vistas , the history is filled with violent bloodshed and religious battles, torture and rape directed by the church and feudal lords,... and then you turn around to see rows of cute Pinocchio dolls for sale next to Italian ceramic dessert plates. Then your friend tells you there's this 4 star restaurant you can have brunch at that's in the first floor of the church.

Elephant Baby, Ode to David Lynch:    Created after finding a tiny 3" doll with a melted head in the flea market. I saw a vision of the little doll being left on the backseat  dashboard of a car accidently by a child in the 1950's.  I picked her up and had a rush of empathy pour through me...' AH , the Elephant Man as an infant.'    The doll became overwhelmingly precious to me and still is.

Bunny Bomb :  While roaming through a Chinese owned dollar store in Vancouver, I saw a box of fluffy innocent chicks next to a box of toy grenades. I thought of Rodney King's, 'Why can't we all just get along ? '