MATHEW GALLERY: Noon On The Moon 2014

I am very grateful to Keren Cytter for asking me to participate in her

recent event, Noon on the Moon, with my Romance novel paintings!!

A.P.E. art projects era

MATHEW NYC, 47 Canal St

Noon on the Moon, Poetic Series #4

Edited by Fiona Bryson, Keren Cytter
Contributions by Luna Miguel, Dafna Maimon, Pablo Larios, Bernadette Van-Huy, Mark von Schlegell, Gerry Bibby, Natalie Häusler, Josef Strau, Judith Goldman, Andrew Kerton, Robert Dewhurst, Dena Yago, Kenneth Goldsmith, Karl Holmqvist, Alejandro Cesarco, Sophie Collins, Sarah Wang, Barry Schwabsky, Dorothea Lasky, Andreas Schlaegel, Veronica Gonzalez Peña, Óscar Garcia Sierra, Matthew Dickman, Keith J Varadi, Jacob Wren, Madeline Gins, Charles Bernstein and Nora Schultz. 

The fourth issue in the Poetic Series is a seasonally themed special edition, a festive anthology composed of texts from more than twenty writers and artists. Each interpreting the topic in an unconventional and abstract sense, it is an alternative omnibus of everyone's favorite and most controversial holiday. Noon on the Moon's title comes from a poem by Barry Schwabsky, featured alongside poetry by Charles Bernstein, Judith Goldman and Dorothea Lasky, prose by Veronica Gonzalez Peña, Andreas Schlaegel and Sarah Wang, amongst others. Artwork is provided in the form of a colorful collection of romance covers illustrated by Vicki Khuzami.

The Poetic Series brings together works of poetry and literature in combination with visual art, introducing young as well as established writers concerned with challenging the boundaries of traditional forms of narrative. Initiated by Keren Cytter and coedited with Fiona Bryson. 

Copublished by A.P.E (Art Projects Era) and Sternberg Press, Berlin
Design by Keren Cytter