Corporate and Residential Murals

Vicki Khuzami started her mural painting studio in the mid ninties after working for Evergreene Painting Studios as their Head Designer and lead painter for their mural Department.  There she designed and painted murals for Atlantic City Casinos, Disney, Ironworkers Union, and a one year project designing and painting new murals for the U.S. Capitol in Washington,D.C.   Her studio today provides art for a variety of clients including interior designers, architects, visual retail, hospitality,  and also scenic art production for film, video, and fashions industry. 

Evergreene Painting Studios 'Ironworkers Union Mural'

Khuzami also has an over 20 year working relationship and friendship with Mutsumi Saito, owner of Moo Studios ムースタジオ株

Together with his team of artists, they traveled and worked on mural projects all over Japan. Some projects were for Disneyland Tokyo, Universal Studios, Kirin Beer Visitor's Center, and Japan's famous 'Huis Ten Bosch', Little Holland in Nagasaki.