The Making of Bloomingdale's 2008 Holiday Windows

In 2008,  Khuzami Studio produced the famous Holiday Windows for Bloomingdale's . The project was created by Harry Medima, Head of Windows, and Vicki Khuzami and her team of 11 amazing artists.

The 9 sets were created with only MDF boards and Benjamin Moore Paints.. Models were photographed and then papermodel sets were created. Next Bloomingdale's woodshop help cut the objects and figures designed.

Finally, the artists set about painting the over 500 pieces that made up the separate sets. The whole process took aproximently 3 months, working 24/7.  

The team of artists included Connor Owens, assistant to Khuzami, and Leon Benn,Anton Sherin, Nick Cope, Amaya Gurpide, Faizulla Khamraer, Oleg Levin, Rodion Barad, Alex Passapera, Yael Levy and Krasso Mihaylov.  The French team: Anna Mimouni, Olivier Wyart, and Francois Goupil

The moving set pieces were created by Brett Kahler. 

And lastly, it was Adele Khuzami, our Blessed Mother of the Studio, who kept us all sane, organized, and paid .