'Lagoon' Exquiste Porch Exhibit, Morean Arts Center Watercolor Khuzami 2016

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Amanda Cooper and the Exquisite Porch



Right before I submitted this article to The Huffington Post I received the following image and note. Some may know the work of Vicki Khuzami as she has done quite a number of Romance Novel book covers. I think her thoughts and process sums up pretty well, the challenges of this show and the fun we all had putting it together.

Dear Dominick,
So, I was fascinated by the lagoon life.. Primordial soup... hidden, deep and scary.. 
All I could think of was Creature From the Black Lagoon. I looked him up and found out that the lagoon shots were filmed in Florida! (though the legend said the creature originated in the Amazon.) Many of the ‘on-top’ of the water scenes were filmed at Rice Creek near Palatka, FloridaRicou Browning played the Gill-Man in the underwater shots, which were filmed by the second unit in Wakulla Springs, Florida. (Wiki) For me, I am satisfied to believe that Florida’s lagoons also give birth to more ‘Creatures from Black Lagoons and their off spring’.

Thank you for this fun challenge. I got to work outside of my box and push myself to be freer - use techniques I never used before and I let my ‘traditional rendering’ take a vacation :)))
Thank you !!!!!

Views from the Porch: Exquisite Porch

The serial art project Exquisite Porch showcases Florida fauna.

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The exhibition’s title, Exquisite Porch, derives from the Florida fauna theme chosen by co-curators D. Dominick Lombardi (also a participating artist) and the Morean’s Amanda Cooper. Lombardi hails from New York City and chose roughly half the exhibition’s artists from that area; Cooper picked the other half from central Florida. In a nod to the old saw that virtually no one who lives in Florida — or New York, for that matter — is a native, a wall text for the exhibition notes that the artists were born in 16 different countries with only two originally from St. Petersburg (and one of those is — surprise — a New Yorker). Geographic diversity required a slightly different approach than the traditional exquisite corpse, so artists were given sheets of paper of a set size (12, 18 or 24 inches square) and told to start their drawings at certain points along the edges. ..........................................

As in any show, certain pieces stick with you for the something extra brought to their concept or execution. For me, those included Vicki Khuzami’s Lagoon, a watercolor rendering of the Creature from the Black Lagoon, as it reaches for a dainty swimmer’s foot. Once Khuzami learned that the film had been partly shot in Wakulla Springs, she had her subject — and breathed creepy, campy life into it with aqueous shades of green and blue. 

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