Edeleman Leather

Edeleman Leather has a history of working with fine artists. I was priveleged to follow in the footsteps of their first illustrator, Andy Warhol, and was surrounded by his works in their design studio. 

"Back in the mid 1950’s, Teddy and Arthur Edelman fell in love with the family’s specialty reptile leather business, creating works of art from animal hides.   In 1964, with their new friend, Andy Warhol doing their graphic design, they became the leading leather source for the fashion industry, winning the Coty Award and the Neiman-Marcus Award.

Working with Andy, by the way, was a very uncomplicated, very pleasurable, kind of experience from the point of working with a thorough professional. He was always on time. He always did what he said he was going to do. He did not have a big ego about his work. If we liked it, it was great. If we wanted to make a change, it was just fine with him. Andy was very, very smart, he got totally involved in a project. Andy was never superficial. People who say that about him were completely off.”

Teddy Edelman, art director of The Edelman Leather Company