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In my recent series, Telenovelas Suburbia, shown in CBG gallery in Chelsea NYC this past September, I have created painted scenes of imaginary suburban homes by the use of 1950’s and 1960’s vintage dollhouses . What excites me is exploring socio-psychological taboos, societal foibles, and machinations from a voyeuristic perspective by use of the dollhouses. As lifelong collector of pop culture commodities, my work is inspired by vintage kitsch, which includes anime dolls, action figures, dollhouses, bodybuilding and vintage nudist magazines. I arrange pulp fiction inspired scenes within the tin walls of vintage dollhouses. Inspired by film noir, and the works of David Lynch, Wes Anderson and Todd Solondz, I enjoy staging, lighting, and photographing my cast of characters within the dollhouse sets. Next I distort the colors by computer and manipulate them one final time on canvas. In the end, I’m a painter and storyteller. I create painted stills from movies never made but influenced from the purgatory nature of suburbia, eccentric lovers, and my past marriage to natural bodybuilder.

Writer Kurt McVey : " Your show “Telenovelas Suburbia" was so good and way more fun and sexy than anything else out there. Your impressive skill set, and your effortless social commentary = #awesomeartist //  Congrats !  "   9/8/17



Born in Brooklyn, her family moved when she was three to Rochester,NY, where she spent her childhood in a suburban area close to the border of farmlands. She left home for college at 19 and earned a BFA from SUNY New Paltz, studying painting and filmmaking. After college, Khuzami traveled 2 years overseas to India, Nepal, and finally Japan, where she had a one-woman show in Kyoto based on travel sketches and her eye opening experience of living in Japan. Soon after returning to NYC, she spent 4 years painting Harlequin Romance Novel Bookcovers. Vicki was introduced to Evergreene Architectural Arts, where, she helped to create 26 new historical murals for The Capitol Building in Washington D.C. , among many other large scale projects. In 1996, she opened Khuzami Studio and has created over 50 murals for corporate, public, and private commissions including a total of 3 years ,1990-2011, painting murals throughout Japan. In 2008, she designed and produced Bloomingdale’s famous Lexington Avenue Holiday Windows, creating hand painted vintage 1950’s Christmas scenes. In recent years she has been focusing more on personal work inbetween her commercial projects and has shown in group shows in Bushwick, Lower East Side, and CBG gallery in Chelsea. Currently Khuzami divides her time painting religious murals for Evergreene Architectural Arts and in her studio, on private commissioned murals and personal work where she is most happy continuing her series, Telenovelas Suburbia.







Delusional Art Competion : Jonathan LeVine Projects  N.J.

Aug 1st opening 6-9 thru Aug 29th



Women Artists Group Exhibition: Dacia Gallery  NYC 2/20-3/3 2018

AHMEN  : oil on canvas


"Last To Leave, First To Arrive":  University of Miami Art Show

Miami, FL  2/21 2018   Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

IBIS : oil on canvas   


IN-SPIRE: Leigh Bowery : Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art

NYC 2/5   2018

Montreal :  A young Man From St. Catherine  Street  : oil on canvas


Darren Bader-more or less  : Sadie Coles HQ

London   1/13-3/29  2018

Collaboration with Darren Bader

Paratactic Morphine: Samuel's Metamorphosis? : oil on canvas


Yellow Chair Extravaganza: DAVID&SCHWEITZER Contemporary

Bushwick, Brooklyn 12/17

Telenovelas Suburbia: Episode Four  oil on canvas


Fun House:  Group Show at Galerie Protege 

Chelsea, NY 11/17

The Lustful Hearth and Spring Fever: oil on canvas romance paintings



Women of Absurdia : Two Woman Show   CBN Gallery

Chelsea, NY 9/17  

Telenovelas Suburbia-Vicki Khuzami  and Daena Title -Is This A Dagger?



Wild and Balanced: Group Show supporting the African Wildlife Foundation

Hurleyville, NY 4/17

Tables Turned: acrylic on paper



The Happening IV: Annual Group Show

Bushwick, NY 4/17

Pinocchio and the Seven Deadly Sins: LUST: oil on canvas



PAINT:  Group Show , Carter Burden Gallery,

Chelsea, NY  8/16

Pinocchio and the Seven Deadly Sins: WRATH



Paint Paper Print: Group Show at the Carter Burden Gallery

Chelsea, NY 8/16

Valley of the Anime Girls and Peeping Saucer: oil on canvas



Exquisite Porch: Morean Arts Center

Florida 3/16 Curator: D. Dominick Lombardi 

Creature from the Black Lagoon: watercolor on paper



Making History: ARTS in Bushwick

Bushwick  NY 5/15

Bunny Bomb: oil on canvas


Noon on the Moon: Romance Paintings

Mathew Gallery 12/14, A.P.E. produced by Keren Cytter



The Happening III: Group Show

Bushwick, NY 9/14

Pinocchio and the Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony: oil on canvas




Trans-cender Art Talk:  Presentation of recent work, Brooklyn Fireproof  7/17

Bushwick Art Crit Group: Presentation of work for Christopher Stout series Bushwick, NY 10/15    

Fifty Shades of Gray: Installation for La Petite Coquette Lingerie Shop Greenwich Village, NY 4/15

Graphic novel style illustrations: documentary film "STOP", Stop and Frisk  Director Spencer Wolf 



Tibet House Mural, Carnegie Hall: Mural of Potala for Carnegie Hall Annual Tibet Benefit

Universal Studios Mural: Moo Mural Studio, Japan, Mt. Rushmore with Hello Kitty

Bloomingdale’s Christmas Windows: Designed, produced and created Vintage 1950’s style Holliday Windows for 2008

Bloomingdale’s, NYC: Murals for the famous annual Holiday windows 2003- 2010

Christofferson and Robb NYC: WPA style historical mural of industry, science, and architecture

Greenwich Village “Bohemorama”: Mural of famous artists, writers and musicians of the Village.

New York Botanic Gardens Mural: Conservatory murals of rainforest and desert

Institute of Culinary Education, NYC: Atrium murals depicting culinary lessons from the school

Atrium Mural, NJ: Hudson River School style atrium mural of Old New Jersey

Washington, D.C. : Historical Murals illustrating the Gettysburg Address

Hudson Baylor Recycling Co.: Hudson River landscape

Bakery Albuquerque, NM: WPA mural depicting working bakers

Tokyo-Disneyland, Japan: Murals produced for Moo Murals and Oriental Land Co.

Kirin Beer Visitor Center, Japan: Wall mural depicting the old Kirin Beer Factory





Capitol Building, Washington, D.C:  Designed and created 26 new historical murals depicting the westward movement of immigrants from 1400’s - late 1800’s. Murals were painted directly onto the ceiling corridor of the House of Representatives.

New York Public Library: Ceiling mural designs

Ohio Theater, Playhouse Square: Lobby mural designs

Various Religious themed murals for church restoration

Ironworker’s Union Building, NYC : WPA lobby mural depicting Ironworkers in above NYC

New England Telephone Co. : WPA mural of the history of the New England Telephone Co.

The Ronald McDonald House NYC : Children’s mural for atrium

Trump’s Taj Mahal, Atlantic City: Designed, painted and art directed 500 linear ft. of murals for casino and high roller suites



New York Press: Newspaper covers and article illustrations

Dell Publishing: Romance Novel book covers 

Simon and Schuster Publishers: Romance Novel book covers

Harlequin Romance: Romance Novel book covers 

Actors Space Theater Group: Theater posters




Documentary Film, “STOP”: Illustrations depicting events from interviews of defendants

History Channel: Sets and painted props for short films

Keren Cytter "Vengeance": Giant painted eyeball prop for film, Location scout, 2013

“Service” produced by Dafna Maimon and Liz Magic Laser: Small roll in 15' min. short film, 2009

“Modern Masters” HGTV Series: Segment featuring Vicki Khuzami in her art studio.

Disney “Out of the Box” TV series: Illustrations for children’s program

Assistant to Director: “Oil and Water” - Filmed in India

Filmed and Directed:  “The Waitress” - 8 mm

Director and Editor : Documentary of artist Hans DeBovencamp




Mural Painting: Parsons School of Design, NYC Evening classes

Faux Painting: New School of Social Research, Evening Classes

Private Realism Painting: Workshops

Mural Workshop: Design Phase to Final Installation

Marymont College Lecture : "The Creation of Romance Novel Book Covers”






APE arts projects Keren Cytter: Romance Illustrations for “Noon On The Moon”, 2014

Planet Christmas: Interview, Bloomingdale’s Christmas Windows, 2008

NY Magazine, NYPost, NY Times etc: Bloomingdales Christmas Windows, 2008

New York Post – “Wall to Wall”: Interview about artist’s work and studio, 2005

Gettysburg Times: Article entitled “Wills House Hosts Unique Mural” 2002

Roll Call – U. S. Capitol Publication: Photo of artist during execution of Capitol Building murals




BFA, Fine Art SUNY, New Paltz 

School of Visual Arts, Parsons, and New School various

Sumie Painting, Kyoto, Japan