Collaboration with Darren Bader -more or less-   

Sadie Coles HQ London   1/13-3/29 2018

Oil on canvas  40" X 30"

I had the wonderful opportunity to illustrate the mind of Darren Bader. At the bar in Freeman's Restaurant, Darren handed me a sketch of an idea he wanted to have produced one day. A bronze cast mattress covered in a bed sheet , with accessories of chains , metal cast leg in sand, truck nuts, an AK-47 inserted into mattress, and finally a double faced head on pillow with flute inserted into ear.. Cool I thought, I can dig this ! Darren and I then talked for an hour about our love of objects and the Absurd.. It was a match. Darren gives any artist he collaborates with total freedom. We collaborated on the title of the painting by playing the surrealist's game 'Exquisite Corpse'. It was a perfect union.....

Darren Bader’s artwork considers shifting notions of the art object, its contexts and production. “There’s this quantity/entity that people consider to be art, and my wish to [make] art involves trying to figure out the locus of this quantity/entity,” Bader has said. For his series “and/with,” the artist juxtaposes disparate objects and gives the works titles such as sugar and/with axe or kangaroo and/with lobster. Although laced with humor, Bader's works are serious attempts to think through the processes of how a sculpture comes into being, and the contexts in which an object becomes art.

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 — at Sadie Coles HQ London .