Bloomingdale's Christmas Vintage Windows 2008

Vicki Khuzami was asked by Bloomingdale's to help create their famous Christmas Windows in 2008. Vicki worked closely with Head of Windows, Harry Medina, and Joseph Cotugno to design and produce the 2008 windows. She wanted to bring back the spirit of her Christmas childhood. She was determined to find the best figurative artists working in New York City in order to have the same artistic quality of the illustrators who worked back in the 1950's. With a deadline of two and a half months, the team armed with only MDF boards , gallons of paint, 9 inspired and determined amazing artists, plus a light touch of glitter in the end, the magic was born.    The displays currently have a new home thanks to Mrs. Christmas, herself, Sibyl McCormac Groff of , who introduced me to  Jim Morrison creator of The National Christmas Center in Paradise, PA. He has created an incredible museum which wonderfully described in this article in Martha Stuart Online Magazine.  Jim Morrison has displayed the hand painted scenes at Elizabeth Farms, the largest Christmas tree farm on the east coast. Jim took over a large barn on the land, where his ever growing collection continues to grow. Click link for the current home of the artwork and be sure to click 'full screen' to best view a sampling of the displays: